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George Kendristakis Photography

I find the biggest pleasure in life is to manage your profession which is also your hobby. It makes you feel happy and complete. When you ‘re happy you have more strength and energy to cope with whatever arises.

Since the age of 15, I wandered around with a camera , capturing whatever caught my attention. I was intrigued by the fact that I could ”stop time ” in my own way , capturing time spent with family , friends and acquaintances.

I work impulsively and the result is always more natural. With the couples who approach me, searching for a photographer to capture some of their happiest moments, I seek to become friends. This way they can be themselves, free to enjoy all the beautiful moments of their marriage, pregnancy, the joy of a new life and the baptism of their child. When they feel comfortable with me , I manage to disclose a more genuine and authentic outcome, which pleases me incredibly.

Photography is my passion.

I started practicing wedding photography by accident in 2004. It won me over and continues to do so. It gives me the opportunity to discover new things , create friendships and travel to beautiful places all over the world.

I belong to the lucky ones , who claim their work is also their greatest love !!!

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